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Re: Help Line Text

From: Zach DeCook
Subject: Re: Help Line Text
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 16:06:24 -0500
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> There is no chance that the default key
> bindings will change -- just imagine
> how many hundreds of users would be
> outraged if any of nano's main keystrokes
> that they have internalized during the past twenty years would change.
I'm a little sad to see this.
I remember the first time I used nano >= 2.90, 
having ^S felt like nano was moving in a good direction.
I don't advocate changing the *main* keystrokes. 
I just doubt hundreds have internalized ^Q as reverse search.

>Don't you ever use Replace at all?  Or do you invoke it in a different
>(I myself use M-R.)

^W ^R (though usually I prefer either `sed -i` or an editor with multiple 
(I also don't use macros as multi-cursor editors are better at doing what I 
would use macros for)).
I've never used `--nohelp`... probably because of how much help it is in 
different contexts.

>People who have become proficient with nano, just turn off the help lines
>It gets rid of those two distracting lines that don't provide
>any useful information any more,

I can see how if you use --nohelp changing many defaults would be quite 

>I think if will pay off in the end
>if you learn to live with most of nano's default bindings.

I have often been stuck with older versions of nano,
or nano without my .nanorc,
which is why I try to keep custom configs to a minimal.
It's also why I would want nano's keybindings to be
*just a little* more standard.

Maybe I'll send my suggestions to the devel list.


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