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Re: nano-5.0 is released

From: Seb
Subject: Re: nano-5.0 is released
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2020 07:56:42 +0200 (CEST)
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Thanks for the new features!

? With <Alt+Insert> any line can be "tagged" with an anchor, and
   <Alt+PageUp> and <Alt+PageDown> will jump to the nearest anchor.
   When using line numbers, an anchor is shown as "+" in the margin.

I coulnd't get this one to work. I tried Nano 5.1 downloaded this morning.
Alt+Insert shows a white-on-red error message "Unknown sequence".
Esc+Insert offers "File to insert [from ./]".
(I used the -I switch.)

? The Execute Command prompt is now directly accessible from the
   main menu (with ^T, replacing the Spell Checker).  The Linter,
   Formatter, Spell Checker, Full Justification, Suspension, and
   Cut-Till-End functions are available in this menu too.

It's nice to have this menu.

With "set nohelp", though, it's confusing. I like the extra screenspace offered by this option, but it makes ^T hard to discover now. Can the help lines at the bottom be shown in this menu regarless of "set nohelp"?


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