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Re: Alt+Insert does not work, and nohelp gives too little help

From: Seb
Subject: Re: Alt+Insert does not work, and nohelp gives too little help
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2020 15:50:32 +0200 (CEST)
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Hi Benno,

I had also missed ^T then |<cmd> from an earlier release, for which I have a remark: when doing this while no text is selected, I would expect the result to be inserted in the file, not to replace the whole file (which seems crazy to me).
Hmmm... When text is selected, you think it is okay to replace the selected text with what comes out of the command? But when *no* text is selected, the result of the command should be inserted? The latter seems very strange to me: you process the entire buffer through a command and then insert the processed result into the unprocessed original?

Wait, what? If I want to process the entire file, I'll go ahead and select the entire file before typing ^T. If I type ^T without selecting anything, I assume nothing is selected.

Let's say I use Nano from within Mutt and I want to send the result of a command line. I can copy-paste, but ^T |cmd also looks appropriate to me.

I would use it for instance to check the results of numerical computations from within a TeX file, by copy-pasting the TeX code and calling a homegrown script.

If I understand correctly: you have some TeX file with a numerical computation and you want to compute its result with a script and then insert this result after the computation? What I would do: duplicate the computation in the original file (select it, then M-6 and ^U), then select the duplicate and run it through the script, so that it gets replaced with the result.


The purpose of the |command construct is to filter / process / format / manipulate / knead the selected text (or entire buffer) into a different shape, replacing the original.

Isn't it the case with the example I gave above? A string is processed and gives another string... How it is processed and for what purpose seems irrelevant to ^T |cmd.

Alt+Insert shows a white-on-red error message "Unknown sequence".
What does M-V M-Ins put in an empty buffer?  (You would probably
If you put the following in your nanorc:
 bind M-' anchor main
does typing <Esc> ' then place an anchor?

Yes, the message "[ Placed anchor ]" appears at the bottom.

I'm guessing yes, as it works for me on urxvt. But just being able to place an anchor is useless when Alt+PgUp and Alt+PgDn don't work. So, I guess nano will have to recognize these deviant escape sequences from urxvt. :| Please report the "[ Unknown sequence ]" message for Alt+Ins and Alt+PgUp/PgDn as a bug on Savannah.


URxvt.meta8: True
This was enough to get ^V M-Ins to show ^[[2þ at a shell prompt. I don't have the time to figure out what else I need to get ISO8859 characters to show up inside nano.

"Normal" ISO-8859-1 characters show up just fine inside Nano: ±²³´µ¶· etc.

Kind regards,

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