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Re: GNU Nano on Windows

From: Liu Hao
Subject: Re: GNU Nano on Windows
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2020 00:41:22 +0800
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在 2020/8/23 22:05, 写道:
> Hello,
> I'm on Windows and I'm trying to setup the GNU Nano editor. I've downloaded 
> the NT 2.5.3 release and I was told to copy the
> cygwin1.dll file into system32.
> Is that necessary? Nano works fine without it and I don't really understand 
> why do I have to do that.

If it 'works fine without it', then no, it is not necessary.

> So my question is: Do I have to copy the cygwin1.dll file into the system32 
> folder to be able to use Nano?

If whoever built the binary did it with Cygwin (this way nano can be built 
without patching source code) then the executable
was linked against Cygwin DLLs. Windows, unlike other POSIX systems, prefers 
dynamic libraries along with the executable to
those in the system32 directory, so you need not copy that DLL, as long as it 
is placed next to the executable.

Best regards,

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