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unwanted monochrome content

From: Zordan Ehrwald
Subject: unwanted monochrome content
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 06:27:34 +0100
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I've written a ncurese program, which
provides a user interface through the menu library.
On my current system (Linux 2.4.17 i686) the program
works as wanted, but when trying the same program
on a boot cd of mine, on the same system
(RockRidge extended ISO9660 with eltorito boot image)
and try to start the program, the whole menu is monochrome.

my hdd system and the one on the cd are almost the same,
including the ncurses version (5.2).
The env COLOR_TERM is set on both as well as TERM which is on
both "linux" (terminfo).

The actual problem in the monochrome menu is that you can't even
see the menu bar, since it has the same color as the background.

Other ncurses programs seem to work with color on the cd
(tried sample programs from the ncurses 5.2 src distro)

Could someone imagine where flaw lies ?

Thx in advance,
        Zordan E.

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