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Ncurses number of LINES problem

From: Ignasi Villagrasa
Subject: Ncurses number of LINES problem
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 12:41:47 +0000
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Hi everyone,

I migrated some console based programs from Win32 API to Linux ncurses implementation.

All seems to work properly, but the number of lines the program should use. The program comes from windows OS, and it manages all 25 lines in a WNT console. After migrating to Linux, and running it on an AX3000 platinum terminal thin client connected via telnet to a RH 7.2 based server, I noticed the cursor doen't move to LINE 25. Testing terminal and linux configurarion I can see:

   - The terminal is set to TERM = linux
- The terminal number of lines is 25. And sh or bash can always work in line 25 without problems. I can run commands in line 25 properly. - LINES enviroment variable is 25. It comes from /etc/profile file.

When I run my ncurses based application it doen't show information in LINE 25. When I try to move cursor to that position it fails and the cursor remains in the current x,y. So the program displays wrong information.

Could anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance. Ignasi Villagrasa.

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