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mysql / printw row[1]

From: Claudiu Captari
Subject: mysql / printw row[1]
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 12:26:57 +0300
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i have the following code

  while (row = mysql_fetch_row(res))

when row[1] contains only 1 line without no more newlines ... it prints
correctly that line..

when it contains more than 1 line it prints blank lines equal to the
number of lines in row[0]

why is it doing this?
note that if i'm not using ncurses , and only printf, everything works
fine !
what am i doing wrong?

mysql> desc events;
| Field        | Type                             | Collation         |
Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| description  | text character set latin1        | latin1_swedish_ci
|      |     |         |       |

Claudiu Captari
Technical Department
Romania Data Systems
Constanta Branch
Tel.: 0341/400 401; 0341/400 402

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