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post graduate education not required

From: Wooten corpuscular
Subject: post graduate education not required
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 11:56:02 -0500

Good jobs require a universityy education. Now you can get one in just a few 
days, and you'll also get that paper on your wall!

kill the ssp*m by going here : see website

Mark at 27 months looked ?normal?. He came from a good family who provided lots 
of stimulation. Mark had one word--'ba' as in 'Ball.' Everything was 'ba.' 
After a few days of orientation in the classroom, I presented the computer. The 
first day he sat at the computer for 20 minutes and pressed the ball, bus, bee 
on the IntelliKeys keyboard over and over again. He then looked at me and 
pointed to the ball and said ?Ba? Then he pointed to the bee and said 'Be' and 
the Bus and said 'Bu.' I was astonished and his mother started to cry.

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