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Re: good VALwtUM

From: Orson Macko
Subject: Re: good VALwtUM
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 17:46:30 -0700

V e I n A z G w R l A z
X c A l N u A p X e
C z I h A n L c I b S c
V i A p L f I p U r M q
the Russians pulled back the doors and as one they burst inside.
The next sixty seconds were as terrifying as the shrieking hell
depicted by Munch. A waiter and two of the men who were among the three
couples were dead, the waiter and one man sprawled on the floor, their
skulls shattered, what was left of their faces lying in blood; the third
man was splayed back in the banquette, his eyes wide and glass-dead, his

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