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Some fresh job ideas for you

From: Job subscription
Subject: Some fresh job ideas for you
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 17:15:11 -0800
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<b><a>www.Job-Alert.Net</b></a> - is a mail based
recruitment business. It offers employers an unique recruitment function
that combines the candidate capture function and the human resources
function of a recruitment agency. 
You just need to fill in a form and we will send you an e-mail when a
position that interests you becomes available.
<center><i>All operations are made manually, in order not to bore you with
automated robot-search results. So, take your time to enter correct and
detailed information about yourself. </i></center>
<br>Process is divided into steps. You can proceed with the first step by
providing us with necessary information:<br>
<b><a href=>Job Alert First-step
registration form here.</a></b>
You will get your personal instructions for the last two steps by e-mail,
as soon as possible.
<strong>Futhermore, <b>everyone will get a <i>FREE T-shirt</b></i> of any
size with <i></i> logo and <i>your Initials</i> printed on it! 
We assure you, that every person who will find a job with our help will
receive <i>FREE T-shirt</i>.</strong>
<i>Thank you for your time.</i>
<b><i>      Job-Alert.Net Team</i></b>.

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