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two comilation errors

From: Richard Kim
Subject: two comilation errors
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 18:03:11 PST

I use   SPARC IPC, SunOS 4.1.1, X11R5
        octave-0.67 (patched from 0.66 to 0.67)

First, an error with src/

g++ -O -g -Wall  -I. -I./../liboctave -I./.. -I. -I../liboctave -I.. 
            -c -o lex.o
In file included from /usr/local/lib/g++-include/std.h:25, from 
/usr/local/lib/g++-include/osfcn.h:5, from
/usr/local/lib/g++-include/stdlib.h:35: declaration of `void  free (void *)' 
with different language linkage previous declaration here
lex.l:396: warning: `yy_last_accepting_state' defined but not used
lex.l:396: warning: `yy_last_accepting_cpos' defined but not used
gmake[1]: *** [lex.o] Error 1

I tried commenting out the offending line in src/

        /* void free( void* );  -rk2/11/93 3:35pm. */

This gets rid of the above error.

Second, while linking "src/octave", the loader gives the following error:

ld: Undefined symbol 

What is wrong?

Richard Y. Kim                  (503) 627-2375 (Office)
address@hidden          (503) 627-1707 (Fax)

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