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please subscribe me

From: ira b ekhaus
Subject: please subscribe me
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1993 17:49:58 -0400


I'm getting hung up trying to compile
octave for my Linux pc (pd unix) .
a sample excerpt is

make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/local/octave-0.71/libcruft/dassl'
cat ddaini.f | f2c  > ddaini.c
make[2]: *** [ddaini.c] Error 139
rm ddaini.c

any thoughts  or help would be greatly appreciated.a

Ira Ekhaus
Senior Scientist
4 A St 
Burlington MA 01803
617 273 2400

here is the full listing of the make session
to the point of the cited error.
# pwd
# ./configure
checking whether --with-f2c was given
checking whether --with-dld was given
checking for npsol
checking for qpsol
checking for fsqp
checking for gcc
checking how to run the C preprocessor
checking whether -traditional is needed
checking for AIX
checking for g++
checking for g77
checking for xlf
checking for cf77
checking for f77
checking for fc
checking for f2c
checking for -lf2c
checking for -lF77
checking for -lI77
checking for install
checking for flex
checking for bison
checking for ranlib
checking for ANSI C header files
checking for unistd.h
checking for directory library header
checking for dirent.h
checking for closedir return value
checking for return type of signal handlers
checking for termio.h
checking for finite
checking for isnan
checking for isinf
checking for acosh
checking for asinh
checking for atanh
checking for gnuplot
checking for less
checking for runtest
checking for expect
creating config.status
syntax error near `(none):'
chown ibe
sh config.status
creating Makefile
creating libcruft/Makefile
creating libcruft/Makerules
creating liboctave/Makefile
creating liboctave/Makedeps
creating src/Makefile
creating dld/Makefile
creating readline/Makefile
creating readline/doc/Makefile
creating readline/examples/Makefile
creating doc/Makefile
creating scripts/Makefile
creating test/Makefile
creating test/octave/Makefile
creating libcruft/blas/Makefile
creating libcruft/dassl/Makefile
creating libcruft/fftpack/Makefile
creating libcruft/fsqp/Makefile
creating libcruft/lapack/Makefile
creating libcruft/linpack/Makefile
creating libcruft/minpack/Makefile
creating libcruft/misc/Makefile
creating libcruft/npsol/Makefile
creating libcruft/odepack/Makefile
creating libcruft/qpsol/Makefile
creating libcruft/quadpack/Makefile
creating libcruft/ranlib/Makefile
creating libcruft/villad/Makefile
# make
for dir in libcruft liboctave  readline src doc scripts ; do echo making all in 
$dir; cd $dir; make  all; cd ..; done
making all in libcruft
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/octave-0.71/libcruft'
for dir in blas dassl fftpack fsqp lapack linpack minpack misc npsol odepack 
qpsol quadpack ranlib villad; do echo making all in $dir; cd $dir; make   all; 
cd ..; done
making all in blas
make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/local/octave-0.71/libcruft/blas'
cat dasum.f | f2c  > dasum.c
Error on line 12: p1put_addr:  unknown uname_tag '335096'
Error on line 16: p1put_addr:  unknown uname_tag '334936'
make[2]: *** [dasum.c] Error 139
rm dasum.c
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/octave-0.71/libcruft/blas'
making all in dassl
make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/local/octave-0.71/libcruft/dassl'
cat ddaini.f | f2c  > ddaini.c
make[2]: *** [ddaini.c] Error 139
rm ddaini.c
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/octave-0.71/libcruft/dassl'

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