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Ported octave-1.0 to SCO

From: Joao Cardoso
Subject: Ported octave-1.0 to SCO
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 94 22:22:14 +0100


I have ported octave-1.0 to SCO-3.2.4, a i386/i486 SYSVR3 system.
        Bellow is a sumary of the needed changes.
        I can send a diff, if you want to, and binaries.
        ( Only next year, please...)

Unfortunatelly the SCO system dont have NaN, Inf, etc, so the bsd-math have
        to be use, with strange results, Inf-Inf = 0, etc...
        I will look for a correct math lib in the future.

I have in the same hardware a DOS partions, and MATLAB-4.0 for Windows.
        Matlab is faster than octave, the first and second bench demo of 
        Matlab runs 4 to 8 times faster and much faster during 
        interpretation of m-files, namely for loops, and perhaps memory

Joao Cardoso

******* LIBG++-2.5.3 and gcc-2.5.8

+       No problems! make check run OK on libg++, make compare also on gcc.
        GNU guys are the best!

******* F2C-1993.04.28

+       ./f2c.h
        default except for an added #undef i386
        ( I don't think this is needed)

+       compiled with CFLAGS=-O3

+       ./src/makefile modified to merge libI77.a and libF77.a into libf2c.a

+       some minor non-logued changes made to the makefiles and sources

+       in ./src, main.o is't compiled because of VPATH points to
        a directory  with a main.o...
        comment VPATH during compilation in this directory.

******* OCTAVE-1.0

+       <math.h> ! yes, the system's header file.
        confliting abs() and sqr(). Those lines in <math.h> comented out!
        Also in /usr/local/lib/gcc....../include/math.h.

        SCO defines abs() sqr() for c++ in math.h. libg++ has provisions
        to circunvent this, but octave no.

        Recompiled ALL after this,
                gcc, (not needed ...)
                libg++ (after commenting the circunvents)
                , f2c, octave.

+       ./src/
        added -lmalloc
        libmalloc.a came from bash-1.14 after defining USG and correcting a 
        declaration of mcheck in malloc.h .

        -lmalloc avoids runtime error message "New: Virtual memory exceded"
        ( This message cames from a gcc builtin compiled function! This
        indicates that gcc shoulded be linked with a gnu malloc!)
        (read the gcc info, External Bugs, and Installation i386-*-sco)

+       ./src/
        strftime() and ctflow() only exists in ansi and posix libraries.
        added SCOOBJ objects and rules to extract objects from libraries.

+       ./config.status
        (can backpage through a pipe)

+       ./config.status
        ( I think that no precision is lost, because the Fortran functions
        are internally computed as REAL, and several float->double->float 
        convertions are avoided. I am correct ??)

+       ./config.status

+       ./config.status

+       ./config.status RANLIB=true
        if the Xenix cross developement is installed, ranlib exists,
        although is gives an error on the Unix COFF files.

+       ./readline/
        TYPES=-DVOID_SIGHANDLER uncommented
        USG=-DUSG               uncommented (causes inclusion of correct files)
        READLINE_DEFINES: $(USG) added

+       ./readline/parens.c
        added "&& !defined(i386)" to "#if defined (FD_SET)"
        to avoid inclusion of <sys/times.h>, because timeval was already

+       ./info/termdep.h
        #if defined (HAVE_TERMIOS_H) 
        #if !defined (M_XENIX) || defined (M_UNIX)

        " || defined (M_UNIX)" added, to cause inclusion of <sys/stream.h>
        and <sys/ptem.h>.
        M_XENIX is wrongly defined in gcc (perhaps beacause of the existence
        of the xenix cross development).

+       ./info/terminal.c 
        changed the term_invbeg and term_invend to "so" and "se" to enable
        inverse-video. Probably other definitions are also incorrect for SCO.

+       isnan exists, but I can't generate a NaN...
        Can NaN be generated in a 387 or 486? The default in SCO/387 is to
        round to the nearest number, so, even if I hack a NaN into a double,
        I get it converted to Inf (???).

+       I have also sucessefuly compiled octave-1.0 under posix source,
        giving the "-posix" flag to gcc, g++.
        However, the info and readline directories need to many rework.

+       I can't compile c++ with debugging (-g) enabled!
        The system assembler gives error. However, all libg++ sources was 
        compiled this way!!!

+       There are problems with some bsd-math functions.
        gcc warns about floating point error in logb.c log1p.c and scalb.c.
        I supose that the idea is to generate floating point exception at
        run time, so I compiled them with no optimization. I don't know
        what gcc does in the other case.

+       Inf problems:
        Inf*2   -> FPE

+       There is no NaN:
        tried to hack a NaN into a double, with no success.
        The libc.a has isnan().

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