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Dynamically linked C and Fortran Functions

From: irc
Subject: Dynamically linked C and Fortran Functions
Date: 15 Dec 1994 11:47:29-GMT

We have a copy of 'octave' running on HP700's and have found it to be
a good alternative to MATLAB. Interest has been shown in writing functions
in C or Fortran. I see that you may be working on this from the following
extract from file 'PROJECTS'

  * Allow functions to be loaded dynamically, and allow linking of
    user functions written in C++, C or Fortran.  Some work has been
    done to use dld for this, but other methods would be considered
    if a consistent interface can be designed.

Could you indicate when this facility would become available.

Also is there any plan to provide a GUI like 'Simulink'

                GEC-Marconi Research

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