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Re: Memory usage?

From: Tony Roberts
Subject: Re: Memory usage?
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 95 09:06:23 EST

> From: Eyal Doron <address@hidden>
> Subject: Memory usage?
> I seem to have a memory leak problem of some kind. Can anybody explain?
> I'm running the following script in the background:
> Never mind what "splitstat" does, the main thing is that the main
> variables "Split" and "TunAmp" are pre-allocated, before the loop is
> invoked. Nevertheless, the "SIZE" reported by the "top" command 
> increases as the loop progresses, until the program crashes. Currently
> it is reporting:

I ran into exactly the same problem last year---it was a right pain in
the neck.  I attributed it to the SVD routine, something would not
release a chunk of memory which, I recall, is about the size of the
matrix supplied to svd; does  splitstat  use svd?  I did not report it
at the time because I could not get it to occur out of the context of
my program!  I would certainly like the problem fixed though.

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