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Re: history-search-backward

From: Jim Van Zandt
Subject: Re: history-search-backward
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 1995 07:45:42 -0400

:Jerry Lynch <address@hidden> wrote:
:: Does octave offer any "history-search-backward" or 
:: "history-search-forward"?  In "tcsh", these are listed in the man pages 
:: as " EMACS Multi-character and 8 bit bindings " and appear as:
::              "^[N"  or "M-N"          ->  history-search-forward
::              "^[P"  or "M-P"          ->  history-search-backward
:: So that if I start to type a command, typing meta-p after typing the 
:: first few letters will search backward in the history to the most recent 
:: command that also began with those letters.
:: Is this possible in octave?
:This will work in the next release.  You will also be able to bind
:these functions to other keys in your ~/.inputrc file.

I can already use ^R to start an incremental search backwards.  I
don't see offhand how to do incremental searches forwards.  (The emacs
command is ^S, which octave (really readline) interprets as a flow
control command.)

                         - Jim Van Zandt

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