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Re: loading matlab text files in octave

From: Darrel Hankerson
Subject: Re: loading matlab text files in octave
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 1995 18:30:32 -0500

   I'm new to Octave, so please bear with me. Matlab (which I've used a
   bunch) lets me load text files which just consist of columns of
   numbers. It loads the numbers as an array with the filename root as
   the array name. Octave's text files seem to require a header. Is there

Visit the site mentioned below. There have been a number of proposed

   From: address@hidden (Oscar Marquez [GTS])
   Subject: Octave contributions (0.2)
   To: address@hidden
   Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 19:12:25 +0100 (WET DST)

   The new list of octave contributions available in our ftp server 
   ( with brief description, 
   authors and their address. The archive can be achived via www at

   [text deleted]
   * aload     :  loads a flat ASCII file into X.              
           Eyal Doron                < address@hidden> 

   * asave.m   :  saves the matrix X as a flat ASCII file      
           Eyal Doron                < address@hidden> 

   [text deleted]

   mkmatrix  : changes a text file to make it readable by octave
           Francesco  Potorti`       < address@hidden> 

--Darrel Hankerson address@hidden

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