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Re: axis & randn

From: Joao Cardoso
Subject: Re: axis & randn
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 19:59:40 +0100


> For what it's worth, here are the new entries in the file since 1.1.1.

>From your list at additions, I can't see support for multiple plot windows.
Don't you intend to support them?

Have you take a look at my contribution "Multi-Plot-Windows at last! 
A contribution"? It also works  with  Vinayak's  multiplot, (if slighly
modified) enabling multiple plot windows each with multiple plots.
(Was I clear? :)).

Thanks, Joao

Joao Cardoso                    |       e-mail: address@hidden
INESC, R. Jose Falcao 110       |       tel:    + 351 2 2094345
4000 PORTO, PORTUGAL            |       fax:    + 351 2 2008487 

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