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Re: gcc __complex__ data types

From: niles
Subject: Re: gcc __complex__ data types
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 95 00:38:30 -0500

>I don't know what was broken in gcc's complex data support.  I played a 
>bit. It looks like normal operators are okay but not for math functions.
>Is this the reason why gcc's __complex__ data support is considered a 
>way of broken?  Do you know a bit more detail about what are "broken"?

No but the word is offically from Jim Wilson and Richard Kenner, they
are GCC maintainers, if your really interested contact them.  I'm sure
there e-mail addresses are somewhere in the GCC dist.  However, think
twice before you do.  These guys are really busy and might not
appreciate taking the time out if your only "interested".  However, if
your really hardcore and think you might be able to help fix the
problems I'm sure everyone would appreciate the contrabution.

I don't know what is exactly broken, but I'm fairly sure using
__complex__ can generate bad code and/or crash the compiler.  These
we've experienced in the g77 work.

Hope this helps,
        Rick Niles.

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