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Re: How to quad("sin(a*sin(x))*sin(x)",0,pi/2)?

From: Ian Searle
Subject: Re: How to quad("sin(a*sin(x))*sin(x)",0,pi/2)?
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 09:36:01 -0800

> for (i in 1:4)
    quadr ("sin(p1*sin(x)).*sin(x)", 0, pi/2,1.e-6,0,i).Q

The above is a piece of Rlab code that does what you want (I
think). The point is: I translated quadr from Matlab source. It is
written by Kirill K. Pankratov (address@hidden), and is a very
nice function. It ought to run in Octave with little or no mods ? I
don't have the original Matlab source handy, otherwise I would have
appended it.

-Ian Searle

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