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fsolve and fsolve_options

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: fsolve and fsolve_options
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 19:03:41 -0600

Heber Farnsworth <address@hidden> wrote:

: I have two questions that don't seem well documented.  First, what
: sort of algorithm is fsolve using?  I read that it comes from hybrid
: in MINPACK but I'm not familiar with that.  I'm finding that it's
: giving me different answers than one that I wrote (mine is better it
: seems) and I want to know why?

The source for hybrd is distributed with Octave.  All of Minpack is
available via netlib:

: Second what are the options that can be adjusted with
: fsolve_options?  I know that tolerance can be changes but I can't
: tell what others may or may not be.

Currently, the only thing you can specify for fsolve is the tolerance.

I would like to have a better method for solving nonlinear equations.
If someone knows of something that works better than the old Minapck
routines and that can be freely redistributed, please let me know.



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