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Problem getting info

From: Dima Smolyansky
Subject: Problem getting info
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 95 17:47:16 PST


I installed Octave using binary installation on my Sparc 10 with SunOS 4.1.4, 
in a local directory - not a default one /usr/local. To do that, I changed 
'prefix' variable in file. 

I am able to run octave fine, but it can not access any help or info files. 
Also, it does not plot, even though I do have gnuplot on my machine. Could you 
please help?



Dima Smolyansky 
Senior Hardware Engineer                         
Integrated Measurement Systems, Inc.    Voice: (503) 626-7117
9525 SW Gemini Drive                    Fax: (503) 644-6969
Beaverton, OR   97008                   Email: address@hidden

*bus -  n. A ponderous vehicle for transporting people or data at 
regulal intervals

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