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Loading Images?

From: Brent Buescher
Subject: Loading Images?
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 14:00:41 -0700

>>>>> "John" == John W Eaton <address@hidden> writes:

    John> On 27-Sep-1996, address@hidden
    John> <address@hidden> wrote: : How do you load an image
    John> into an Octave matrix?  The loadimage command : only works
    John> with "Octave format" image files.  Any standard image type :
    John> would be great, such a ppm, gif, tiff.

    John> There doesn't seem to be a way yet, but it shouldn't be too
    John> hard to write a filter to convert a portable bitmap/pixmap
    John> files to a file that Octave can load.  I've added this to
    John> Octave's PROJECTS file, but it will probably happen sooner
    John> if someone else does the work.

What would be particularly nice though I don't have immediate need for
it would be support for HDF (hierarchical data format) files, which
are used by several scientific data visualisation packages (like
Spyglass and Iris Explorer).  The format is flexible enough that
saving matrices in it would be easy but routines to load data from it
would require a bit of careful design.  The NSCA puts out a C library
for manipulating HDF format files, so the dirty work has been done.

Anybody else out there have a conceivable (future?) need for this?

I might be able to find some time to hack on this in the near future
since I will be converting a data acquisition and postprocessing
system to use HDF files and would like eventually to be able to run
octave scripts on them.  So I could justify it. :)

"Nine out of ten Americans have sold their soul for a quotation."
                                                 --Ezra Pound

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