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Problem building loadable .oct on HPUX

From: Tom Goles
Subject: Problem building loadable .oct on HPUX
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 15:32:54 -0500

I've just tried to build my first octave loadable module on HPUX 10.01
(which supports this type of stuff) but got the following link error when I
ran mkoctfile: 
% mkoctfile ReadFile.C 
Making ReadFile.C.o from ReadFile.C 
Making ReadFile.C.oct from ReadFile.C.o 
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status 
/bin/posix/ld: DP-Relative Code in file 

- Shared Library must be Position-Independent  
Any ideas what went wrong here? This message appears to indicate that libgcc.a 
needs to be shared library. Do I need to re-build libgcc as shared library? 
I have not seen any flags in the INSTALL instructions for gcc that 
show how to do this so if anyone has any info on how this is done 
please let me know (I did try passing --enable-shared to gcc configure

script but after everything was done there were no shared libraries created). 
BTW, I'm using gcc2.7.2.2.f and libg++2.7.2 on HPUX 10.01 and Solaris 
2.5.1 boxes and was able to build octave with dynamic load flags for 
bothsystems without much trouble and everything else I tried so far
worked fine. 
Thanks for any info on this, 
Tom Goles 

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