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Re: Segmentation fault

From: Juan I. Arribas
Subject: Re: Segmentation fault
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 18:00:38 +0200

Wesley Darlington wrote:
> Dear Juan,
> I found with octave 1.x.x that calling `f.m' rather
> than just `f' caused a segfault. I have octave 2.0.5,
> and it doesn't seem to be a problem here, but perhaps
> it is with 2.0.0?
> Anyway, my only suggestion (feeble though it is) is
> to check that you call the function `my' with `my'
> rather than `my.m'.
> Regards,
> Wesley Darlington,
> Dept. Applied Maths,
> Queen's University of Belfast.

Dear Wesley, 
                it is true what you tell me, but the problem I have
happends inside a function, which I invoke without the .m from Octave´s
prompt (as you tell me to do) when calling for another two functions
many many times (in particular delta.m and logsig.m which I will attach
in another e-mail in reply to Mr. Leisch) inside an iterative algorithm
for NN´s simulation (I call for them over 10*10*15*20000= 30 million
times). In fact if I omit the call to these two functions, the program
runs till the end perfectly.

Thanyou so much for your fast help, my regards

                                 Juan Ignacio Arribas
                                 Dept. of Teoria de la
Senal,                                             Comunicaciones e
Ingenieria Telematica
                                 Universidad de Valladolid
                                 Valladolid, SPAIN

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