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hacked gnuplot for octave-2.0.5-i386-pc-cygwin32

From: Mumit Khan
Subject: hacked gnuplot for octave-2.0.5-i386-pc-cygwin32
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 20:04:44 -0500

For those who've picked up the cygwin32 (b17.1 or b18) octave binaries
from my gnu-win32 web page, you might be interested in the hacked 
gnuplot that (somewhat) works with octave under win32.

Here's the README:

=== GNUPLOT pre-3.6 (beta 332) hacked version for cygwin32 Octave 2.0.5 

This is a hacked version of gnuplot win32 driver from beta 332 (pre-3.6)
that works with octave 2.0.5 cygwin32. The changes basically are to make 
the win32 version read from stdin instead of from either the Text/Console 
Window or from a file. I've tested it with *very* simple 'gplot' commands, 
and it seems to work.

I've added a "-stdin" (or "/stdin") command line option to the current
Windows version, which is what's needed for octave. W/out the -stdin
flag, it should behave *exactly* as the normal wgnupl32.exe distributed with
gnuplot. The shell wrapper, gnuplot, basically calls wgnupl32.exe with
-stdin, and octave happily uses that.

What works?
    Very basic "gplot" commands seem to work as advertised. Have NOT tried
    the Matlab style "plot" commands.

What's broken?

    [Event handling]
      No events are handled since gnuplot is always waiting for data on
      stdin. Under X, this is easy to handle (simply wait on stdin and
      X connection), but I have no idea how to do this in Win32. You'll
      have to replot to refresh, and to bring the window back to top, 
      you'll have to close and reopen. Yuk!

    [gshow and anything that gnuplot outputs]
      I haven't figured out how to grab the standard output yet, so 
      commands like "gshow" will not work.

    [HELP command]
      Borland's help compiler can't grok the file supplied. Probably has
      never worked.

How to use it?
    1. Grab the wgnupl32-hacked.tar.gz from my gnu-win32 web page. The
       link to download is in the "Octave" section. The URL is:

    2. Untar into a temporary directory. It should untar like this:
            README                      -- this file
            gnuplot                     -- shell script wrapper
            gnuplot.patch               -- source patch for my hack.
            wgnupl32.exe                -- the executable.
            wgnuplot.mnu                -- MENU file. 
    3. copy the following into $OCTAVE_HOME/bin and you're all set:
            gnuplot                     -- shell script wrapper
            wgnupl32.exe                -- the executable.
            wgnuplot.mnu                -- MENU file. 
This is totally unsupported. Fixes welcome of course, especially for the
event handling and standard output/error grabbing problems.

Mumit -- address@hidden

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