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hacked gnuplot for octave-2.0.5-i386-pc-cygwin32

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: hacked gnuplot for octave-2.0.5-i386-pc-cygwin32
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 03:15:56 -0500

On 15-May-1997, Mumit Khan <address@hidden> wrote:

| For those who've picked up the cygwin32 (b17.1 or b18) octave binaries
| from my gnu-win32 web page, you might be interested in the hacked 
| gnuplot that (somewhat) works with octave under win32.


| What works?
|     Very basic "gplot" commands seem to work as advertised. Have NOT tried
|     the Matlab style "plot" commands.

The Matlab-style plot commands should also work, because they are all
implemented in M-files using gplot commands.

| What's broken?
|     [gshow and anything that gnuplot outputs]
|       I haven't figured out how to grab the standard output yet, so 
|       commands like "gshow" will not work.

This doesn't really work with Octave on other systems either, because
the communication with gnuplot is via a one-way pipe.  If you type
`gshow', the output from gnuplot is just send to stdout, which is
usually connected to the same terminal that Octave is running in, so
you can see the output.  But Octave isn't reading it, and it doesn't
go through the pager.

I suppose this could be fixed by creating a two-way stream for
communication between Octave and gnuplot, but I'm not sure it's really
worth the trouble.


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