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gnu-win32 b18 octave bugs (and hopefully a coming fix!)

From: Mumit Khan
Subject: gnu-win32 b18 octave bugs (and hopefully a coming fix!)
Date: Sat, 17 May 1997 14:15:28 -0500

Thanks to the bugs in the C++ front-end in b18 (gcc ss-970404)
miscompiling f/str/stream code, the octave binaries I had uploaded
chokes whenever you use "sprintf", "fprintf", etc builtins. Same
happens to my code. I went back and used the C++ frontend from b17.1
and my code seems to work, and a quick check with octave shows it
might work as well. 

I'll have to rebuild octave, and if fixed, I'll upload the binaries
(along with cygwin.dll, cat, gnuplot and less, which are needed to
run octave in a reasonabl manner) sometime next week. Sorry for the
trouble some of you had faced with the current binaries. URL after

The changes to octave (I'll email the patch to jwe) is just a few lines
(eg., cygwin32 doesn't know about timezones).

Mumit -- address@hidden

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