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Re: WaveLab? --> another recommendation

From: Oscar Marquez [GTS]
Subject: Re: WaveLab? --> another recommendation
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 22:12:04 +0100 (WET DST)

Craig P. Earls write:
|>  root writes:
|>   > Hi!
|>   >  I want to use WaveLab, a free wavelet package for matlab.
|>   > Do you know if it works under Octave? (I have some problem with it).
|>   >  Any other wavelet package?
|>   > 
|>   >                          Thanks,
|>   >                          William
|>  Where did you get this one? If it is free, maybe we can adapt it?
|>  -----------------------------------------------------------
|>  Craig P Earls                               address@hidden
|>  LT US Navy, MIT Ocean Engineering   address@hidden
|>  -----------------------------------------------------------

I can you recommended our wavelet toolbox: Uvi_Wave. Take a look to:

      ftp server:
              under /pub/Uvi_Wave/matlab directory

      World Wide Web:

Moreover, we hope to release the octave version of uvi_wave for this



Oscar W. Marquez F.             Universidad de Vigo
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