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From: Bryce Gardner
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 11:11:34 +0500

Subject: Re: Symbolic functions (retry!)

Sorry about the nearly null message.  I don't know where the rest
went.  Here it is again:
> > >These terms are incompatible with the GPL, so we can't use MuPAD with
> > >Octave.

> Last time I checked (about a year ago) the authors were still
> considering making MuPAD GPL.  They want MuPAD to be used as much as
> possible by as many people as possible.  They were concerned that the
> GPL might actually hurt Mu-Pad's distribution and acceptance.
> Perhaps, some of us should write to then again as ask them to
> reconsider the GPL, with a convincing argument.
Perl has a GPL license and a "artistic" license and quite widespread use.
It is open for commercial use in some ways and that may be a problem.
This brings up a topic that I have been mulling over.  The company that
I work for sells a numerical acoustical analysis package.  It would be
really nice to have an embedded programming language.  Octave would be
perfect.  There are two main drawbacks:  Octave is not set up to be an
embedded language and the GPL.  
Here is my question:  If a user-callable interface could be made
to Octave, could an "Octave library" be placed under the library version
of the GPL (LGPL ?)?
Bryce Gardner                             
Automated Analysis Corporation
2805 South Industrial, Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6767
(313) 973-1000 x 201
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