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GUI & Graphics

Subject: GUI & Graphics
Date: Wed, 28 May 97 08:36:30 EST

     Maybe it's time to start a exhaustive discussion about a graphical 
     user interface a plotting capabilities?
     The last couple of months I fall in love with two tools
     a) Mesa, an OpenGL-clone under GPL: I think that it could do a good 
     job, mostly for surface plots, it can handle easily hidden-line and 
     lighting items and produces aggrssive graphics with impressing speed. 
     It shouldn't be to difficult to handle graphics with it and it's 
     avaiable for almost every OS (*nix, windows, mac, amiga, ...)
     b) wxwindows, a C++ framework for making GUI on different platforms 
     with the same sourcecode (avaiable for OpenLook, Motif, Windows, in 
     alpha stage for Xt/Athena, Mac). I only played a bit with it, but it 
     seems to be a solid piece of software and it's free (kind of 

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