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Dynamic linking and structures (+ Linking to Vista)

From: Markus Svensen
Subject: Dynamic linking and structures (+ Linking to Vista)
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 17:57:09 +0100

Does anyone know whether it is possible to return Octave structures from
dynamically linked .oct-files? As far as I can understand, it isn't, but
maybe there is a way?

Just two days ago I sent an email to this mailing list about problems
with linking to a 3rd party library (Vista, in dynamically linked
.oct-files. Eventually, the problems I experienced were resolved by
simply re-compiling the Vista library. My apologies for not not having
tried this ubiquitous, well-tested strategy prior to writing to
help-octave. ;-)


Markus Svensén

Max-Plank-Institute of
        Cognitive Neuroscience
Leipzig, Germany

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