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Gnuplot problem

From: Dave Jansing
Subject: Gnuplot problem
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:12:49 -0500 (EST)

I am very excited about using octave for future research!  So far, I have
been very impressed with what I have seen (I have only downloaded and used
it today).  However, I am having a small problem with the plotting function
and am hoping that someone can help.

In calling up this simple program:

%       M-file for Example 1-15
x=stp_fn(t-2);                  % Generate step starting at t=2
y=impls_fn(t+2.5, 0.05);        % Generate unit impulse at t=-3.5
z=2*rmp_fn(4-t);                % Generate backwars ramp starting at t=4
subplot(3,1,1),plot(t,x),axis([-10 10 0 1.5]),xlabel('t'),ylabel('u(t-2)')
subplot(3,1,2),plot(t,y),axis([-10 10 0 25]),xlabel('t'),ylabel('delta(t+3)')

It will generate the plots with no problem, however the labels on the X and Y
axis are missing.  Have I missed something in the installation process?

Here is some information that may be of use:

System:  Linux (Slackware 3.1)
CPU:     AMD 5x86
Octave:  2.0.11 (from BINARIES directory at the ftp site)
Gnuplot: 3.6 beta

Finally, has anyone tried to include the "text()" function from M**lab in


                               Dr. David Jansing
       University of Louisville - Department of Electrical Engineering    address@hidden

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