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Re: gnuplot for octave in windows nt

From: Thomas Hoffmann
Subject: Re: gnuplot for octave in windows nt
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 18:31:09 +0100 (MET)

johan wrote:

>yes i have tracked all this down too.  unfortunately, i am still unable to
>get a working gnuplot because:

Since last saturday I have a (kind of) working Octave+gnuplot under 
(Coming from the "dead" OS/2 I was shocked to see how hard it is to get
some unixish stuff working under the great Win** systems ;-(() 

>1) source for gnuplot pre3.6 beta 332 seems to have disappeared off the
>face of the earth.
Simply compile the beta 340. I used Visual C and the makefile.nt from
gnuplot. I patched the sources und HPUX, maybe there is one spot where
you have to do some interaction.

>2) mumit khan's patch does not work against the version i did manage to
>find - beta 340.  there
>seems to be a lot of activity since 332 and almost all patches are
see above

>3) i have no idea how to get it to compile with cygwin32.  i did manage to
>compile it by combining the
>makefiles for unix, windows and os/2 but i never got the executable to
>actually display anything.
see above

>has anyone gotten a working gnuplot?  i know there's something about not
>being able to distribute
>modified binaries, but if a patch and it's corresponding pristine source
>could be made available at
>one site, it would go a *long* way to help us out.

>i am enjoying the new octave and gnuplot at home on my linux system.  i am
>forced to use windows nt
>at work and sorely miss this great tool.  thanks for all the work.
Same thing here: ENJOY under HPUX and OS/2, FORCED to Winblech...

But rest assured: If you have got gnuplot compiled you need a small shell
script, which is not supplied by M. Khan (though a simple one ...).

And, by the way: Did anybody on the list manage Win-octave to work/plot from 
another drive than C: ? (Aehmm: Does anybody use octave under windows at all
or is it just supplied and never used aka tested ? ;-))


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