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Re: About .oct file

From: Gary Holt
Subject: Re: About .oct file
Date: 20 Mar 1998 00:04:06 -0000

           Also I'm trying to compile some known C routin to .oct file and 
   some question:

   1) how to extrat data(string, double, ..) from octave command line?
        ... [sample code snippet deleted]

   It works, however, I would like to know a better way to do it.

Have a look at  It generates
all this code for you automatically.  It also automatically vectorizes
your functions for you and does some other nice things too.

You can just enter function prototypes for the functions you have into
the demonstration, and it will spit out octave (or matlab) code to call
those functions.  You can also download the program that generates those
functions from that web page.

Gary Holt                       (213)-740-3397

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