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Re: redirecting error-messages

From: Martin Holz
Subject: Re: redirecting error-messages
Date: 23 Mar 1998 14:12:42 +0100

Stef Pillaert <address@hidden> writes:
> I do a lot of my octave-calculations in the background, so I do things like:
> 'calculate.bat > calculate.comment &'
> where calculate.bat calls a few octave-functions, and I look at the results
> in calculate.comment afterwards. This all works fine, but sometimes I have
> errors (because of some mistake I made in an .oct-file, or because of
> memory-overloading, ...), and the error-messages don't show in the
> calculate.comment-file (they are sent to the terminal)... Is there a way to
> direct these messages to a file?

# Redirect the stderr stream to stdout and send stdout to file.
octave < inputfile > outputfile 2>&1 &

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