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Re: MatLab-5 .mat file: Octave fails to read

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: MatLab-5 .mat file: Octave fails to read
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 00:05:58 -0600

On 25-Mar-1998, Jim Van Zandt <address@hidden> wrote:

| As I remember, the LGPL (Library General Public License) allows the
| user to link free code with non-free code, as long as the user can get
| the source code for the free part, and upgrade it when he wants.

Yes, when the free part is a library that is used by the non-free

| The original idea was to allow people to link their proprietary code
| against the GNU libraries.

The original idea was that the LGPL might help spread free software
where it would otherwise be ignored, and that using the LGPL might
lead to faster development of free libraries.  That intent is stated
in the preamble of the LGPL.

| I don't see why it shouldn't work just as well if the proprietary
| part is a library and the free part is the calling program.

I'm not sure that this is allowed by the LGPL.  It certainly does not
seem to be the intent of the license.

| Would you consider licensing Octave under the LGPL as well as the
| GPL?


Whether or not it is possible to releas Octave under the terms LGPL of
if doing so would allow such use doesn't matter to me.  I don't want
to release Octave under any different license.  I don't have any
particular desire to help people who won't help me.  I've done quite a
lot of work trying to make Octave useful, and I am making it freely
available to anyone who wants to use it.  Why should I make it any
easier for those who aren't willing to share their software with the
Octave community to take advantage of us?


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