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Octave for Dos/Windows ?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Octave for Dos/Windows ?
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 17:04:01 -0600

On 23-Mar-1998, Igor Kulic <address@hidden> wrote:

| installed on DOS or Windows (or WinNT/95). I am far from beeing a
| hacker ,so even an older and simpler version would do as long as it
| is easy to install.  I would be deeply thankful to you if you could
| give me any piece of information about where to find such a user
| friendly version of Octave.

It's true that installing Octave on Windows 95/NT systems is not
trivial, and it is unfortunate that even once you do have it
installed, graphics don't work unless you do even more work.  There is
a possibility that someone will provide some funding to improve this
situation.  It is also possible that a volunteer will step forward and
do the work (but so far, no one has done so).

For now though, what is available from the Octave web site is the best
attempt so far at making the installation process for Windows 95/NT
systems work.  There is no `older and simpler version' that works on
Windows 95/NT systems.


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