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fwrite-fread anomaly

From: Benedict G Archer
Subject: fwrite-fread anomaly
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 10:48:34 -0800

I'm stumped by what seems strange behavior of fwrite with certain values,
viz. (-7^-30).  The log fragment below shows storing a short test
vector to a binary file and reading it back with no apparent problem.

octave:82>vout = [2*pi,-7^-30,27^11]'
vout =


octave:83>fhdl = fopen('trio.dbl','w');
octave:86>fhdl = fopen('trio.dbl','r');
octave:87>vin = fread(fhdl,3,'double')
vin =


ans = 0

However the file, trio.dbl, has a size of 25 bytes instead of the expected
24 and is not readable with IBM APL/2 which reads other similar files
lacking this value normally.  Examining the file reveals that a carriage
return (hex 0D) is inserted before the -7^-30 value.  This extra character
is reproducibly inserted before this value whether saved by itself or as an
element in any array tested.  No problem occurs if saved as a 4 byte
float. My system is OS/2 version 4 with Klaus Gebhardt's 2.09-b04 binaries.
Is this my error, or a bug in Octave, EMX or ?  Why doesn't Octave
have a problem reading the file?  My thanks to John Eaton and all who
contribute to octave, and to Klaus Gebhardt for making current OS/2
binaries available.

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