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HELP: plotting under windows NT

From: Lance McBride
Subject: HELP: plotting under windows NT
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 15:35:45 -0700


I've installed the following:
  cygwin32 b18
  fixed cygwin.dll
  less-gnu win32
  Octave 2.0.11 i386

on my machine:
  Intel Pentium
  Windows NT4-SP3

I've patched gnuplot using:
  gnuplot-beta336 source code from
  Mumit's diff patch for plot.c and winmain.c
  VC5 on windows NT using nmake -f makefile.nt

No matter what I try, plot or gplot, no data is transferred between octave
and gnuplot.  Could someone just send me a binary that does work?  I'm not a
programmer, so any help provided would be appreciated.

Even if this does ever work, will I ever be able to multiple-trace plots,
etc?  In other words, will I ever be able to produce plots like Matlab is
capable of producing?  Is there some other method of plotting under WinNT
that works better?

Lance McBride
Electrical Engineer
Optivus Technology, Inc.
(909) 799-8300

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