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RE: octaverc directory initialization and plot

From: Lance McBride
Subject: RE: octaverc directory initialization and plot
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 09:48:22 -0700

> From: Thomas Hoffmann [mailto:address@hidden
> I suspect that it has to do with the use of /tmp for holding
> the temporary plot
> files. Every hint for solving the "win users have to live on
> C: with octave"-rule
> is welcome.
> Thomas.

I'm not totally sure that I understand the problem, but I do have a "tmp"
directory on C:, and I can see that the plot contents are stored there in an
ASCII format temporarily.  I tried creating a "tmp" directory on D:, just to
see if it made a difference, but there was no effect.

Any other ideas?

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