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Format problems

From: lgh013
Subject: Format problems
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:31:40 -0400


I'm using octave-2.0.11 on an HPUX 10.20 platform. Being unable to
compile octave due to the lack of a fortran compiler or f2c on my
machine, I was forced to download the binary. I am now facing an
annoying bug that is driving me out of my mind.

Specifically, the bug is the following: the size of a vector is always 
given in exponential form that makes it hard to read. For example, if
A is  a 20x20 matrix, the command size(A) gives the following :

>>  size(A)
ans =

  1.0e+01  *

   2   2

It gets worse. If A is a 20x200 matrix, here is what size(A) yeilds:

>>  size(A)
 1.0e+02  *

    0    2

Note that I have the format set to short, and in fact, all other data
is displayed properly. Is there any way around it?



Gopal Harikumar             (address@hidden)


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