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Re: Changing the legend

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: Re: Changing the legend
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 14:01:04 +0200

Preben Randhol wrote:
> Hi I am was wondering if somebody could explain how I change the
> legend name from line 1, line 2... to something more describing?
> In matlab there was a function called legend, but it does not seem to
> be the same in octave.
> I am sorry that I have only browsed quickly at the manual, but I have
> a report that I need to get finished ASAP, so if anybody could be so
> kind to give me the solution I would appreciate it a lot!
> --
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> Tlf    73940929/(735)94076 [arb]  |                  -- Bohumil Hrabal
> Email  address@hidden            | [Transl:  Cyrilic, that's
>      |           furniture uspide down.]

The legend is a matlab5.# function. Octave is almost compatible with
matlab4.# or matlab3.# as far as I know (it's compatibility is almost a
version behind). 
If you have to do a report you probably write a postscript file of your
plot. Why don't you edit this postscript, probably the fastest way to
get a clean and safe solution.

Bye daniel

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