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Re: Looking for a constrained optimizer

From: Colin Telmer
Subject: Re: Looking for a constrained optimizer
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 20:20:37 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, James A. Tzitzouris wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Colin Telmer wrote:
> > I am looking for any type (simplex, gradient based, etc.) of constrained
> > min/max rountine for octave. I have found a couple of uncontrained
> > packages, but don't have the time to modify them. Any help is gratefully
> > appreciated. Cheers, Colin.
> > 
> Could you be more specific:  i.e., Linear, quadratic, convex, nonlinear
> constrained optimization?

Sorry - I did that on the way out of my office. I am trying to wean some
colleagues off Matlab and they need a nonlinear constrained optimizer for
a particular problem they are working on. Any suggestions? Thanks, Colin.

Colin Telmer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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