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Re: Win95/NT binary??

From: Andrew Smith
Subject: Re: Win95/NT binary??
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 16:46:58 -0600

Well, you got farther than I did.

I followed all of the instructions in the readmes, but when I got to the
"install" portion I got a million errors and no results. It looked to me
like it was trying to compile the thing; I guess I gave up at that

My problem may have been related to the fact the 100+meg of stuff
wouldn't fit on one hard drive, so I had the cygnus stuff on C: and the
octave stuff on D:. Still, it didn't seem like executable files to me.

Andrew Smith

address@hidden wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 16, 1998 at 02:45:17PM -0400, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> >
> >   Andrew>  Does anyone have a working Win95 Octave binary they would be
> >   Andrew> willing to share?
> >
> > I presume most people use the one that is provided on Octave's ftp site.
> has anyone gotten them to work?
> i am using octave-2.0.11 on windows nt[1].  i can't get .12 or .13 to
> work using the pre-compiled binaries.  both fail in the same way.  i
> get a seg fault and octave goes into core dump mode and dies a
> horrible death.  has anyone had success with .12 and .13 on nt?  did
> you need to do anything special?
> i am using the cygwin32b19 stuff from cygnus with their newer
> cygwin32.dll (b19 revision 1).  i also have egcs 1.0.2 from mumit
> khan's site.
> [1] for the record, i despise nt.
> --
> Johan Kullstam address@hidden Don't Fear the Penguin!

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