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linking external library

From: Cyril Fischer
Subject: linking external library
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 17:35:06 +0200

I would like to create an *.oct file containing call to the (large)
external library using a mkoctfile script:

mkoctfile -limsl

mkoctfile -L/home/Libr/imsl/imsl -limsl-stat

In the first case I  have linked against /usr/local/lib/
shared library,
in the later case against /home/Libr/imsl/imsl/libimsl-stat.a static
The size of an oct-file produced was in the both cases the same  and the
run time errors were exactly identical::

octave:53> s=dsswp_wr(prd,fr,m);
octave: error in loading shared libraries
/home/msig/octave/dsswp_wr.oct: undefined symbol:

What am I doing wrong?
Unfortunately, I cannot separate the subroutine dsswp_ out of the
library due to the huge number of dependencies.

Thank you,

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