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format compact ?

From: Muzaffer Kal
Subject: format compact ?
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 20:56:32 -0700

I am trying to run some matlab files about fractional delay filters and I am
having some difficulty. I built and installed 2.0.13 and it seems to work
but when I run the matlab file, I get an error on the following line in the
.m file

format compact

'rror: format: unrecognized format state 'compact
error: evaluating indexexpression near line 101, column 1

the format compact statement in on line 101 and yes the first error is
exactly as I typed. E is missing and there is single quote character. Is
this a bug? I don't know much about matlab, what does format compact mean  ?
If I comment it out, here is what I get:

the line in question is this:
        apvec(i,:)= ap;

the error is
error: A(I, J) = X: X must be a scalar or the number of elements in I .....

any idea what's going on ? If anyone is interested here is the url to the
matlab files:

the file I am running is fdap2.m

thanks for any and all help,


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