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Re: Existence of a variable

From: Akira Nishimura
Subject: Re: Existence of a variable
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 19:33:01 +0900

From: Daniel Tourde <address@hidden>
Subject: Existence of a variable
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 10:54:43 +0100

>I'm using a function defined like this
>function F = f(a,b)
>  ...
>  if (b)
>    ...
>  endif
>I want to call the function f with one or two parameters (A = f(a) or B
>= f(a,b))
>Then I have a problem because in the first case b is not defined and
>Octave complains. I tried to use the built-in function 'exist'

Another solution without `exist'; try with `nargin' variable.

exist_b = 1;
if nargin < 2
  exist_b = 0;

if exist_b

         Akira NISHIMURA  address@hidden
           Department of Information Systems
Faculty of Business Administration and Information Science
        Tokyo University of Information Sciences

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