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Re: matlab "sparse" function

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: Re: matlab "sparse" function
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 12:16:58 +0100

Pablo Ledesma wrote:

> Is there anything similar to the matlab "sparse" function in octave?
> Thanks,
> Pablo
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> Pablo Ledesma Larrea                     Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
> Butarque 15, 28911 Leganes, Madrid Spain       Email: address@hidden
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I don't think so.
Somebody has posted some operations on sparse matrices in the last year.
He used a 3/4 by N Matrix to express a M times M sparse matrix A. (N was the

number of nonzeros in A).
You can use "find" to create something like that.
I miss the matlab 5 and especially the matlab 4 features/datastructures a
lot as
there are:

o    sparse matrices
o    cell structures

I know that somebody has to implement them, but my c++/numerical know-how is
poor and
my time is probably too short (as of most others).

Structs already exist, but afair they couldn't be saved inside octave.

Anyway octave is cool and provides a lot of features.

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