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Re: licenses and law

From: Jorge C. Lucero
Subject: Re: licenses and law
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 17:11:03 -0200 (EDT)

> In conclusion I would read The Mathworks license agreement. If the
> license 
> doesn't say that you are not allowed to use/modify their toolbox with a 
> different software, you are in luck. But, of course you won't be able
> to share it with others.


I have just read the License of a Student edition of Matlab 5. In the
middle of it, it says 

"...In particular, Licensee may not alter, adapt, translate or convert
"M-Files" contained in the Programs in order to use those files with any
non-Developer software, nor may the Licensee incorporate or use "M-Files"
or any other part of the Programs in or as part of another computer

Anyway, do such restrictions have legal validity?


Jorge C. Lucero, Ph.D.
Departamento de Matematica
Universidade de Brasilia

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